Maleo Packages Home delivery conditions:

Home delivery implies courier service. It is provided to clients who have paid the service fee online

The Georgian Post’s Home Delivery service fee covers one attempted delivery of the  same-flight mailpieces aggregately  weighing less than 10 kg. to one address.

Home delivery service may be selected on the following conditions:

  • Home delivery shall be provided only to the address indicated on the package .

Home Delivery Service in Tbilisi is free

Home Delivery Service fee  in regions is 3 (three) GEL

Maleo mail home delivery time:

For Service Centers located in cities/towns

  • no later than the same business day for the orders placed before 12:00 noon;
  • no later than the next business day for the orders placed after 12:00 noon;

For the rest of Georgia (regional villages and settlements)

no later than the next business day

Maleo shipments are delivered to the recipient or any other present at the delivery address adult who will claim to be living/ working with the recipient and will produce an identification document.

In case the recipient is underage, Maleo shipment will be delivered to any adult at the delivery address.

A courier of the Georgian Post attempts delivery of a Maleo shipment to the recipient’s address only once. In case of a failed delivery (when the courier is not able to reach the address or the recipient, or the recipient refuses the mailpiece), a notice of attempted delivery will be left and the mailpiece - returned to the Service Center, where recipients may collect it at their convenience (redelivery service is not available). Georgian Post will consider its obligations fulfilled.