Frequently Asked Questions

What is my U.S. mailing address?

A personal address will be activated in your room after you register on the Maleo website.

For example

Name: Giorgi Beridze

Address1: 3609 Old Capitol Trail, Suite D-6

Address2: MP00001

City: Wilmington

State: DE

Zip: 19808

Country: USA

Tel: +1 (848) 888-3410

What is mail delivery time?

It takes 3-12 business days to deliver mail pieces from the International Exchange Center to Georgia.

How is the shipping price calculated?

Shipping price is calculated based on actual, as opposed to dimensional, weight.
Size of a mailpiece (its length, width, and height) should not exceed 1.5 meters and weight - 50 kg.

Otherwise the parcel transportation fee will be calculates by volume of parcel volume.

How do I collect a mailpiece at a Maleo Service Center?

To collect a mailpiece, the recipient must produce an ID and provide his/her personal room number. If a third party is collecting a mailpiece, he/she, along with the room number, should produce IDs for both the recipient and himself/herself.

How to register on Maleo?

Please watch a video tutorial here.

What are payment options?

Maleo shipping fees can be paid through the website or a payment machine kiosk. 

Is a shipment weight rounded?

 The weight is not rounded up.

How can I track my mail?

Track your mail on the Maleo website or enquire with the call center at (32) 224 09 09

Which shipments are subject to customs clearance?

The parcel is subject to customs clearance: if its value is 300 GEL or more; If there are 5 or more identical items in the parcel; If the weight of the parcel is over 30 kg.

For how long may shipments be stored a Service Center?

The storage period of the parcel is 30 days after entering the country

Is it possible to insure a shipment?

Shipments can be insured online through the Maleo website
Georgian Post does not provide insurance against complete or partial damage of the contents of mailpieces. 

Which items are unacceptable for shipping?
    • narcotics and psychotropic substances;
    • firearms and pneumatic weapons, as well as their parts or accessories;
    • inert explosive devices, explosives and military materials, including inert grenades and shells and suchlike  objects, as well as models of such objects;
    • laser sights;
    • paintball guns and accessories;
    • arbalets, arrows and bows;
    • radioactive, toxic, and infectious substances; 
    • lithium batteries or cells (spare or installed in the equipment they operate);
    • live animals, insects, stuffed animals, bones, fur;
    • plants and their seeds;
    • coins, banknotes, money;
    • platinum, gold, silver, precious stones, jewelry and other precious objects made of those materials, whose aggregated price exceeds 500 GEL;
    • Flammable goods (including paints; goods containing oils and liquids; cans containing any compressed substances).
Maleo Bonus Program

Maleo customer loyalty program allows the customers to cash back 5% of the spent amount

How to earn bonus points

Every 0.20 GEL of shipping payment earns  10 bonus points  equal 0.01 GEL.


Calculation of Bonus Points 

Amount in GEL
0.01 – 0.19              
0.20 – 0.3910
0.40 – 0.59
0.60 – 0.79
0.80 – 0.97

How to use bonus points

In the frame of Maleo Bonus Program, bonus points can be used to pay for Maleo shipments if the amount of points is sufficient to cover a shipping charge

Remote custom clearance

This service can be used by both - individuals and legal entities and is available throughout Georgia. To order the service, request must be made by pressing the “Custom clearance” button in the Customer Control Panel of the “Arrived in the service centre ” section and upload documents:

    • In case of individuals – Identity document and invoice.
    • In case of legal entities - Identity document, extract from the registry of legal entities, invoice and power of attorney (if the item is to be delivered to a company trustee).

You’ll be able to receive the item only after paying the fee for custom clearance.

In what case the Maleo parcel is not transferred to the warehouse in Greece

If no value added tax is paid on the parcel and the item is subscribed from a country other than Greece. In particular:

1. If you order an item from a Greek online store, the parcel will be received by a Greek warehouse and shipped to Georgia so that it will not be subject to customs duties under EU regulations.

2. If you order the item from an online store in a country other than Greece and indicate the address of the Greek warehouse at the time of subscription, the parcel will be subject to VAT upon entry into the customs territory of Greece. Please note that if the value of the item you paid for your subscription does not include VAT, it will not enter the Greek warehouse and will be returned to the seller (online store).

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